Lifelong Soap Maker

I've been making soap and sundries since I was very young. I made my first lipgloss when I was just 7 years old. My rollerball gloss had emptied so I pulled it apart and added cooking oil and cinnamon. It really wasn't as bad as it sounds, LOL. Since then I've been making products for over 40 years!

When I first opened Jentle Soaps I taught private classes and provided supplies. This quickly grew to a small scale soap and sundry supply store online. We opened up to other distributors and at one time had suppliers in Alberta and Ontario as well as our head home office in Victoria, BC. Having young children and operating a business slowed my business plan and I downsized to custom orders of soap only for the last 10 years. I am so excited to finally begin to offer my products again to the public with my Etsy Shop and create unique products daily.

I absolutely love making all types of handmade cosmetics and soap products. We make cold process soap, hot process soap, soap casting with melt and pour soap, cosmetics, bath bombs and more. Right now I'm working on some ideas for 'MashUp' bath formulas to offer unique sundries for my customers.

I am at heart an artist and a teacher. My YouTube Channel JenSpice demonstrates how I made each product and some of my inspiration. Here I have over 100 demos and tutorials on making beauty and bath products. Here is a direct link...
https://www.youtube.com/jenspice<br />
I live on Vancouver Island in beautiful Victoria so all year there is beauty in nature to give bursts of inspiration. We'll make soap together and then if you like what you see you can try it for yourself.

My book Beauty Crafting is also going through a rewrite and revision and hopefully will be offered here soon to those interested in making their own soap. There are hundreds of tested soap and sundry recipes in Beauty Crafts for those who want to manufacture soap themselves.

Warning: Once you start using artisan soap it's very hard to go back to store bought bulk soap. Something to think about- most CP lasts longer than a commercial bar of soap so put that in your economy equation when deciding whether to buy. Beautiful and long lasting, two of my favorite characteristics in my own personal purchases.

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